i.Series® Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator

GX Solutions and the i.C3® Information Center set i.Series® models apart by providing a professional medical-grade refrigerator with advanced monitoring control. The iPR226-GX is a two-door Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator (one door on each side) designed for use between two spaces, such as a clean room and an ante room. This purpose-built refrigerator boasts superior stability, uniformity, and recovery alongside the added benefits of quiet operation, low heat output, and energy savings all thanks to the OptiCool™ advanced refrigeration technology. GX Solutions Pass-Thru refrigerators have also undergone extensive use case testing to ensure they meet the rigorous performance requirements of a busy clinical clean room environment. This includes multiple and extended door openings. GX Solutions Pass-Thru Pharmacy refrigerators enhance pharmacy workflows and meet the requirements of pass-thru refrigerators used in USP <797> clean room applications.

26.4 Cu Ft (747 L)
Temperature Set Point
3 Shelves / 3 Drawers
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Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator
Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator
Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator
Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator
Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator
Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator
Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator
Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator
  • OptiCool™ technology pairs a variable capacity compressor (VCC) and natural hydrocarbon refrigerants to ensure optimal temperature uniformity, recovery and stability, efficiently manage energy consumption and meet evolving environmental regulations
  • Optimized temperature uniformity, recovery and stability create the best environment for sample storage
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy) compliant refrigerants
  • Optional i.Lock™ interlocking door technology to support USP <797> compliance
  • Quiet operation creates fewer distractions and better working environment
  • i.C3® touchscreen user interface is password protected and provides advanced monitoring and information to ensure protection of stored product
  • Audible and visual alarms include power failure, high and low temperature alarms, door ajar, condenser temperature, and low battery
  • Cabinet built with high-quality construction meets or exceeds performance standards required by the medical and scientific industries
  • Includes Certificate of Calibration generated with an ISO 17025 reference thermometer
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting spotlights storage providing maximum illumination
  • Rel.i™ Plus warranty includes 7 years compressor, 2 years parts, and 1 year labor
Additional Accessories

RA1 Remote Alarm

RA1 Remote Alarm, for field installation. Extend alarms for 1 device or zone to remote locations in your facilities.

RA4 Remote Alarm

RA4 Remote Alarm, for field installation. Extend alarms for up to 4 devices or zones  to remote locations in your facility.

Anchor Kit (Pass-Thru)

Anchor Kit - Floor Bracket Kit, for Field Installation (for 26 and 58 cu ft Pass-Thru Refrigerators)

Storage Tray - Full Size (for 25, 26, 56, 58 Cu.Ft.)

Storage Tray, Full-Size, for Field Installation (for 25, 26, 56, and 58 cu ft Refrigerators, and 25 cu ft -30°C Freezers)