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Environmental Sustainability Vision

How we operate our business today has a direct and long-lasting impact on the world tomorrow. At Helmer Scientific, we are committed to understanding and managing our environmental impact in all areas and focusing our efforts on improvements that matter and make a meaningful difference.

Sound environmental practices are integrated into every facet of our core business processes. We embed our guiding principles into our business practices at each stage of the product life cycle.

Long-Term Environmental Sustainability Vision

Waste Disposal

  • Helmer is a zero landfill facility.  All waste is sent to a transfer station where it is sorted and recycled.  All batteries, pallets, cardboard and scrap metal are recycled as well.
  • Manufacturing operation produces zero hazardous waste.
  • Powder paint reclaim booth resulted in dust reduction of 95%, paint reduction of 65%, and disposal reduction of 99%.

Energy Consumption

  • Auto-sensor faucets and motion sensor lighting in offices and manufacturing floor conserve resources.
  • Variable speed compressors are used on the manufacturing floor and reduce energy consumption when demand falls.
  • Set-back controls are used on all HVAC equipment, raising or lowering temperature according to occupancy.
  • T-5 lighting, used in the warehouse, reduces electrical consumption by 50%.

Efficient Use of Natural Resources

  • Stainless steel is used in the production of products for its longevity and recyclability.
  • The purchase of a laser has resulted in a 15% reduction in the amount of steel used annually.
  • Sustainable, recycled paper is used.
  • Corrugated cardboard packaging materials are used which can be reused or recycled.
  • Wood pallets can be reused or recycled.

Engineering Design

  • Sustainable U.S. EPA and SNAP compliant natural refrigerants and foaming agents.
  • Non-CFC refrigerant and insulation are used in all products.
  • Self-closing doors and door ajar alarms provide energy efficiency.
  • LED lighting uses less energy and is longer-lasting.

Indiana Partner for Pollution Prevention Member

The Partners for Pollution Prevention (Partners) was founded by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) in 1996 to partner with Indiana companies who were interested in participating in a forum to discuss and share pollution prevention successes and ideas for new pollution prevention policies and programs. Part of the process to becoming a partner was the exceptional environmental, health, and safety records that Helmer has endured. Helmer also signed the Partner Pledge, certifying that the company is working toward meeting the requirements of the Pledge, and will continue to operate with the Pledge’s goals in mind. Click here to read more about the Partner’s program.