BioPharma & BioTech
High Quality Laboratory Equipment for BioPharma and BioTech Sample Storage
Design Matters
The unique Heat Barrier System™ keeps heat out, maximizing temperature uniformity and minimizing frost.
Cooling Matters
The refrigeration system is designed to protect the compressor and optimize oil management for the most reliable performance.
Intelligence Matters
Our ultra-low freezers are smart, providing intelligent diagnostic information, temperature data, and integrated Access Control.
Products designed for 
BioPharma & BioTech

High-quality laboratory equipment, including refrigerators, freezers, and centrifuges, provide reliable and efficient storage and processing of samples so that you can focus on advancing medicine through your ground-breaking efforts. Our high quality products offer worry-free performance with consistent temperature uniformity, monitoring, and precise temperature control.

Medical-grade storage of samples, reagents, laboratory media and other products.

Medical-grade refrigerators designed for the secure storage of medications and vaccines.

Freezers with superior temperature uniformity and reliability for safe storage of samples and vaccines.

Full line of high-quality, clinical centrifuges from Hettich for precise centrifugation.