Hospital Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical-grade Refrigeration Designed for Safe Storage of Medications and Vaccines
Designed for You
Designed specfically for medications, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals with ventilated drawers and medication lock compatibility.
Quality & Reliability
Superior temperature uniformity, recovery & stability to keep your pharmaceuticals safe and effective.
Meet Regulations
Assists in helping you meet standards and regulations related to refrigerated vaccine and medication storage.
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Hospital Pharmacy

Helmer Scientific offers a full range of pharmacy refrigerators and freezers with superior temperature uniformity, recovery, and stability. Local alarms, event logging, and continuous temperature monitoring help the pharmacy meet guidelines and regulations. Ensure that your temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, medications, and vaccines are protected with professional, medical-grade refrigeration. Designed specifically for pharmacy and clean room applications, Helmer pharmacy and vaccine cold storage products will help you meet demanding USP regulations, assist in meeting CDC vaccine storage recommendations, and help you provide the highest level of patient care.

Medical-grade refrigerators designed for the secure storage of medications and vaccines.

Freezers with superior temperature uniformity and reliability for safe storage of samples and vaccines.

Medication and Vaccine Storage

To ensure medications and vaccines remain safe and effective, proper storage is key. GX Solutions professional medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are designed and manufactred to meet the unique demands associated with storing high-risk and high-value medications and vaccines in the busy pharmacy environment. GX Solutions refrigerators and freezers deliver optimized control in the management of temperature uniformity, recovery, and stability ensuring contents are stored under optimal conditions regardless of where they are placed in the unit for superior performance. GX Solutions optimized noise management provides units that are up to 3 times quieter than standard medical grade refrigerators and freezers, providing a safer and healthier environment for patients and clinical staff. Additionally, the use of natural refrigerants and OptiCool™ technology means GX Solutions are both more energy efficient and have substantially less environmental impact than traditional medical grade cold storage equipment.

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Regulatory Compliance

USP <797> ,<800>, and <1079> standards provide valuable and enforceable guidance focused on increasing the safety and efficacy of compounded medications. The goal of USP<797> is to reduce negative outcomes related to compounded medication in sterile environments. USP <800> focuses on the safe handling and storage of hazardous drugs, such as chemotherapy cocktails, to minimize the risk of exposure to healthcare personnel, patients, and the environment. USP <1079> provides guidance around maintaining the cold chain as it relates to the safe storage of pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Standard was published to help define temperature performance attributes for vaccine storage units, challenging refrigerators and freezers with testing protocols designed around real-world use cases common in busy healthcare environments. Helmer offers professional, medical-grade storage solutions including GX Solutions refrigerators, freezers, and pass-thru refrigerators that provide safe and secure storage designed to support pharmacy workflows, help facilities meet regulatory standards, and safely store refrigerated drugs, medications, and therapeutics.

Diversion / Refrigerated Medication Dispensing

Diversion of medication poses a serious risk to patient safety, presents legal liability risks for healthcare providers and organizations, and presents financial risks associated with inventory loss. The installation of automated dispensing cabinets provides a line of defense against diversion and makes it easier to detect, especially when integrated with a health information system that supports enterprise-wide medication management functionality. Helmer has partnered with BD to create the industry's first and only medical-grade refrigerated solution integrated with an automated dispensing system to provide clinicians secure, single line-item access to high-risk and high value refrigerated medications. The BD Pyxis ES Refrigerator with Helmer Access Technology features locked bins for secure individual storage of refrigerated medications with temperature monitoring capabilities using the same Pyxis MedStationES workflow currently available for medications stored at ambient temperatures.

Clean Rooms

USP <797> encourages facilities to keep only necessary items inside of the actual clean room and limit clean room access to only the compounding pharmacist. Pass-through cabinets and refrigerators support USP <797> recommendations and provide increased efficiency by allowing clean rooms to be provisioned without being directly accessed. This reduces the need to create special workflows, or spend time and resources garbing and decontaminating support staff. A pass-through is defined as an enclosure with seals on interlocking doors that are positioned between two spaces for minimizing particulate transfer while moving materials from one space to another. Helmer pass-thru refrigerators are available with i.Lock™ Interlock technology which ensures doors on one side of the pass-through cabinet electronically lock when doors on the opposite side are opened. This prohibits both sides from being opened simultaneously, helping maintain cleaner air flow.

Central Pharmacy Connectivity

Connectivity with i.Series® devices is designed to improve staff efficiency, increase equipment uptime, and support regulatory compliance through integrations with third-party monitoring and automation software. Benefits of i.Series® integration includes access to robust device data beyond temperature directly from the unit monitoring system, reduced reliance on 3rd-party hardware and extra probes, and consistency between temperature display and data used for compliance/reporting.

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Custom Products

Temperature-controlled custom solutions are available for pharmacy applications that can not be met by standard offerings. Our custom products division partners with end-users to understand the temperature-controlled application and workflow and develops a custom solution to meet that need. We have designed, developed and manufactured specialized temperature-controlled solutions to address custom workflows, lean operation, and device integration among others.

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