Customized Service Partnerships

Simplify the management of clinical cold storage
Custom Service Partnership

Maintaining Cold Storage is Key to Optimal Performance

Medical-grade cold storage units are critical to the delivery of healthcare. Refrigerators, freezers, and ultra-low freezers are used across hospital departments and ambulatory sites to safeguard medications, vaccines, blood therapies, tissues, patient samples, and reagents/controls. These products are highly regulated, expensive and require proper temperature-controlled environments.

Properly maintaining cold storage used for clinical applications can be challenging but is necessary to ensure patient safety, maintain regulatory compliance, and prevent financial loss related to downtimes or performance issues.

Preventative Maintenance Schedules

You have made an investment in medical-grade storage equipment because you understand the importance in safeguarding medications, vaccines, samples, blood products and more. Maintaining a service schedule can help extend the life of your vaccine storage equipment, prevent temperature excursions, and in some cases, prevent total equipment failure. Consistent and routine maintenance can also help reduce the risk of non-compliance and unsatisfactory audits, further protecting your investment.

Service Level Agreements

Customized Service Partnerships and Service Level Agreements can help simplify the management of clinical cold storage, enhance performance, safety, and compliance, and allow your team to focus on patient care. There are many pain points and challenges to maintaining operational efficiencies for cold storage.

  • Lack of consistency in technical response to temperature excursions and other medial-grade refrigeration issues.
  • Unpredictable service spends and lengthy repair cycles resulting in excessive down-time.
  • Limited visibility to historical service, preventative maintenance (PM), and calibration records needed for regulatory compliance.
  • Inefficiencies in coordination of internal and external staff for routine maintenance and repairs of equipment.

Benefits of a Customized Service Agreement Solution

Improved Uptime

One service provider for all medical-grade cold storage units across the entire enterprise.

Helmer certified technicians manage and perform preventative maintenance as required by manufacturers of all clinical refrigerators, freezers, and ultra-low freezers, including non-Helmer units.

Regulatory Compliance

Reduce risk of audit non-compliance by ensuring use of appropriate cold storage equipment and proper maintenance.

Helmer provides management of the regulatory process and maintenance of service documentation, storing with easy, on-demand access.

Single-Point Service Coordination

Reduce time and effort required of clinical staff to manage support networks and coordinate service to maintain cold storage units.

A single point solution to manage the complexities of maintaining and resolving issues with cold storage freeing clinical staff to provide patient care.


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