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The First Professional Medical-Grade Refrigerators, Freezers, and Ultra-Low Freezers

What is Professional Medical-Grade Cold Storage?

Professional medical-grade refrigerators, freezers, and Ultra-Low Freezers are designed with the unique needs of the healthcare environment in mind. Only professional medical-grade cold storage delivers optimized control in three important areas:


Temperature Management

to safeguard patient samples and ensure medications and vaccines remain efficacious


Noise Management

to provide a more comfortable environment for patients and a more productive workplace for staff.


Energy Management

to reduce operating costs and support sustainability initiatives.

Temperature Management

Professional medical-grade refrigerators and freezers excel in three key temperature management areas: uniformity, recovery, and stability



Maintains temperatures within +/-1°C (refrigerators) and +/-2°C (freezers) throughout the storage chamber eliminating hot and cold spots that could put your contents at risk of temperature excursions



Faster recovery after prolonged door openings keeps contents at the right temperature even when unit is opened multiple times



Maintains superior temperature stability, creating fewer deviations from the set point and avoiding rapid, significant changes in temperature

Energy Management

Reducing costs and supporting sustainability in the professional healthcare environment

GX Solutions leverage variable capacity compressors and natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants.

  • 50-65% more energy efficient than conventional medical-grade refrigerators and 35-45% more energy efficient than conventional medical-grade freezers
  • Decreased carbon footprint - natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant dramatically decreases global warming potential (GWP)
  • Uses natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants
  • Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) and EU F-Gas compliant
  • Reduced heat output limits HVAC system impact

Noise Management

Managing sound in the professional healthcare environment

At 42dB, GX undercounter professional medical-grade refrigerators are the equivalent of a quiet library. GX upright professional medical-grade refrigerators range from 42 to 50 dB. GX freezers operate between 46 and 52 dB, depending on model.

  • Up to 3x quieter than conventional medical-grade refrigerators
  • Can be placed in noise-sensitive areas such as medication rooms, labs, patient rooms
  • Less equipment noise means fewer distractions and better working environment

OptiCool™ Cooling Technology

Powering the 1st professional medical-grade refrigerators and freezers

OptiCool™ cooling technology pairs a variable capacity compressor (VCC) and natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants to ensure optimal temperature uniformity, recover and stability; efficiently manage energy consumption and environmental conditions and reduce noise output of the system. 

In addition, the use of natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants supports environmental sustainability initiatives, decreasing the carbon footprint

Learn more about OptiCool™ and how temperature and energy are optimized while supporting environmental sustainability.

GX Solutions Whitepapers


Energy Savings

Learn more about energy savings with GX Refrigerators


Noise Reduction

Learn how GX Solutions help reduce noise in the workplace


OptiCool™ Technology

Reduce operating costs & support sustainability initiatives

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GX Solutions Refrigerators and Freezers from Helmer Scientific

Built to Last: Reliability Starts with Design

All Helmer units are designed and built to ensure they last for the long term, to limit down-time and interruption to workflow.

Thorough Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) is completed as part of Helmer’s design process for GX Solutions to ensure reliability:

  • Identifies and addresses possible failure modes prior to equipment release for general use
  • Exposes units to very high levels of stress to challenge the system down to the subassembly and component levels
  • Ensures the unit’s design can withstand the rigors of daily use through a 10-year life

At Helmer Scientific, building high-quality medical products is all we do.

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