Vaccine Storage

Pharmaceutical-grade refrigerators and freezers designed for safe and effective storage of vaccines.
Medical-Grade Vaccine Refrigerator
Designed for You
Purpose-built, pharmaceutical grade refrigerators and freezers designed specifically for the storage of vaccines.
Medical Grade Refrigerator Access Control
Temperature Control
Superior temperature optimization safeguards the integrity of vaccines by reducing costly temperature excursions.
Vaccine Refrigerator Storage
Meet Regulations
Assists in meeting CDC standards and guidelines for safe vaccine storage.
Vaccine Cold Storage Regulations

Vaccine Demand Is Rising

Now is the ideal time to evaluate your vaccine strategy. Being prepared to deliver vaccines is more important than ever due to increased demand for influenza vaccines and preparations for new COVID-19 vaccines. An effective plan for proper vaccine storage can help get your healthcare facility ready for this increased demand, so you can meet the public health needs of your community efficiently and safely.

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Designed for You

Helmer professional, medical-grade vaccine refrigerators and freezers are designed to address the demand and requirements for the storage of vaccines. Refrigerators are factory pre-set to 5°C for pharmacy/vaccine applications and include fully extendable, ventilated pharmacy drawers and stationary pharmacy shelves which are easy to clean and adjustable for flexible vaccine storage. Freezers are factory pre-set to -30°C for pharmacy/vaccine applications and can be configured similar to our pharmacy refrigerators.

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Quality and Reliability

Only professional, medical-grade refrigerators deliver optimized control in three important areas: temperature management (uniformity, recovery and stability), Noise Management and Energy Management, providing an optimal storage environment for vaccines. GX Solutions vaccine refrigerators and freezers help eliminate costly temperature excursions.

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Meet Regulations

GX Solutions vaccine refrigerators and freezers help you meet existing CDC guidelines for safe vaccine storage. In addition, GX Solutions have been tested and certified to meet the NSF/ANSI 456 vaccine storage standard for vaccine storage. In testing, the performance of Helmer vaccine storage equipment exceeded the testing protocol that simulates real-world, clinical vaccine storage conditions.

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Medical-Grade Refrigerators

Discover how GX Solutions excel in temperature, noise, and energy management


Selecting Vaccine Storage

Learn how the NSF/ANSI 456 vaccine storage standard helps ensure safe vaccine storage


Guide for Vaccine Storage Providers

Learn about safely and effectively storing vaccines

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GX Solutions professional medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are designed with the unique needs of the healthcare environment in mind. Combined with the quality and reliability of the OptiCool™ refrigeration technology, these vaccine storage units optimize temperature, noise, and energy performance to safely store valuable vaccines.

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Horizon Series™

Microprocessor Temperature Controller Yes Yes
Alarms: Hi and Low Temperature, Door Open and Power Failure Yes Yes
Alarms: Compressor Temperature and Low Battery Yes No
Full-color Touchscreen Yes No
Interactive Temperature Graph Yes No
Event Log with Detail Screen & Event Acknowledgement Yes No
Automatic Alarm Testing Yes No
Password Protected Settings Yes No
Event Log and Detail Screen Yes No
Min/Max Display & Reset Yes Yes
Download - Temperature Graphs and Event Report Yes No
Ethernet capability Yes No
Optional Access Control Onscreen (with downloadable Access Log) Keypad lock