Cell Washer

Exceptional performance and consistent, reproducible results with intuitive programming.
Cell Washer
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Cell Washer - Rotor
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Exceptional Performance
Cell washing perfected, with consistent, reproducible results, excellent ergonomics, and an intuitive user interface.
Cell Washer Performance

Consistent, Reproducible Results

The UltraCW®II is designed with an electronic flow meter, providing the precise saline fills that are important for consistent, reproducible results. In addition, digital calibration offers easy and accurate control of saline volumes and eliminates time consuming, cumbersome manual calibration.

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Intuitive Programming

Intuitive programming features enable you to create programs quickly with the easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Check and spin steps can be incorporated into programs, making it easy to run wash cycles, add reagents, and perform a quick spin. The UltraCW®II also features pre-set programs for your convenience.

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Ease of Use & Safe, Convenient Operation

The UltraCW®II features a diaphragm pump. This allows the saline supply to be located above or below the cell washer. Saline is directly connected to the unit, eliminating inconvenient saline transfer steps. The UltraCW®II also offers a convenient cleaning procedure designed to reduce downtime.

AABB Standards-Compliant

The UltraCW®II has been recognized by the AABB Standards-Compliant Products Program. This program provides assurance that products for the blood community are in compliance with standards. Products that achieve this recognition have been reviewed by AABB and confirmed as adhering to standards that relate to equipment, process control, and document control.

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