Physician's Office
Purpose-built Storage Designed Specifically for Vaccines, Patient Samples, and Reagents
Designed for You
Designed specfically for medications, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals with ventilated drawers and medication lock compatibility.
Quality & Reliability
Superior temperature uniformity, recovery & stability to keep your pharmaceuticals safe and effective.
Meet Regulations
Assists in helping you meet standards and regulations related to refrigerated vaccine and medication storage.
Products designed for 
Physician Office

We are devoted to helping physician’s offices deliver the highest standard of patient care by providing reliable, well-designed cold storage products. Reduce the risk of vaccines being exposed to temperatures outside of the acceptable range, and ensure that samples and reagents are properly stored to support accurate test results. Choose from our wide range of medical-grade cold storage products, designed and validated for uniform, stable temperatures throughout the storage space.

Medical-grade storage of samples, reagents, laboratory media and other products.

Medical-grade refrigerators designed for the secure storage of medications and vaccines.

Freezers with superior temperature uniformity and reliability for safe storage of samples and vaccines.

Full line of high-quality, clinical centrifuges from Hettich for precise centrifugation.