Making an Impact

We believe that communities thrive when we serve each other. At Helmer, we work to foster a culture of generosity by engaging employees at their highest level of capability to give back to the community. There are three key areas where Helmer works to make an impact: community, youth, and global.

Community Impact

At Helmer, we strive to make an impact in our communities through employee volunteerism. Employees are encouraged to leverage their time and talent to positively impact a cause or nonprofit that they are passionate about. Our employee-driven volunteering program is a collaborative platform that supports employees to discover, engage, and grow in areas of personal generosity.

Generosity Quote

"At Helmer, generosity is part of the culture and that means that you’ll find coworkers interested in giving back to the community. I’ve been able to inspire people to help in STEM education for underserved youth and have been inspired by people combating homelessness and food disparity. It’s a wonderful cycle!"

- Rex Kong, Electrical Engineer

Generosity Quote 2

"I believe we were created for more than just ourselves. I think we all desire to live in community and have a sense of purpose and meaning beyond our own personal lives. One of the greatest ways to experience this sense of community is through volunteering. Helmer gives its employees numerous opportunities to experience this unity through our many volunteer initiatives and fostering a culture of caring. I’m proud to be a part of a company that sees the value of helping others."

- Libby Harris, Sales Representative

Generosity Quote 1

"I love helping people and am grateful for all the opportunities here at Helmer. In my day job I get to help our customers in their efforts to save and improve lives. Then through Helmer’s various generosity initiatives I get more opportunities to help the greater community."

- Matt Schafer, Technical Service Manager

Youth Impact

At Helmer, we realize the value of investing in youth, especially those who are underserved. We do this by engaging community partners who share our passion for creating pathways of opportunity. We partner with them through engaging educational experiences, service projects, and internships.


Strong Futures

Strong Futures is an employee driven service campaign intended to encourage employees and their families to serve together to empower at-risk kids and youth. We encourage our team members to take action by choosing a nonprofit that’s helping kids or youth at-risk, and serve together with other Helmer team members to empower these young people.The campaign focuses on three areas: early childhood education, mentoring, and graduation to career transition.


Career Days

Helmer's Career Days give youth a chance to experience every part of the manufacturing process upclose. Students are introduced to the design process and then have a chance to see how our products are manufactured. They also engage with the professionals who design, develop, and build our products.

Global Impact

According to the World Health Organization, of the 112.5 million blood donations collected globally, approximately half are collected in high-income countries, home to 19% of the world’s population. This limited access to a safe and reliable blood supply across most of the world leaves so many vulnerable to death and disease, especially mothers and their children. In addition to giving blood locally, we are also working collaboratively to help the world's most vulnerable access a safe and reliable blood supply.

Innovating Blood Access

Helmer is part of a new life saving mission that delivers blood via drones in Africa. Zipline, a robotics company, launches drones in Rwanda carrying blood to remote areas for patients. Helmer provides equipment to store blood at Zipline's hub, ensuring the blood stays safe.


Donating Products

Through our Chill the World program, we donate our equipment through strategic partners around the world to hospitals, blood banks and research universities in resource-limited countries.