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Helmer Custom Products Division combines our expertise with temperature-controlled storage and processing equipment for clinical, research and production environments with organizational competencies in integrations, software, design, testing/validation and manufacturing.

Helmer Custom Products

Temperature-controlled custom solutions are available for healthcare and research applications. Our custom products engineers partner with end-users to understand your temperature-controlled application and workflow to develop your custom solution.

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Featured Custom Products

Custom Products - Ambient pass-thru with interlock

Ambient Room Temperature Pass-Thru Cabinets with Interlock

Pass-thru cabinets allow access to critical products without requiring staff to enter and leave clean spaces. Ambient pass-thru cabinets used in these environments are typically limited in capacity and do not match the look and feel of the larger refrigerated pass-thru cabinets installed in similar areas.

Ambient pass-thru cabinets with interlock technology have been developed by Helmer Custom Products that allow products to be stored at normal room temperatures. The inclusion of i.Lock™ interlock technology allows door(s) on one side of the pass-thru cabinet to electronically lock when doors on the opposite side are opened.

Electronic interlock functionality helps ensure pass-thru doors on opposite sides of the cabinet are not opened simultaneously and assists in enhancing USP <797> cleanroom workflow and air quality control. They allow pharmacists and technicians to manage high-volumes of products in a space that is accessible by clean and non-clean sides of the room and reduce the frequency of staff garbing and entering restricted clean areas to manage bulk and non-bulk ambient temperature product and supplies.

Custom Products - CRT105

Controlled Room Temperature Cabinets

Room temperature medication storage is subject to FDA regulations to ensure products are stored according to labeling requirements. Storage conditions for pharmaceuticals at room temperature is typically 68-77ºF (20-25°C). Maintaining these temperature ranges can be a challenge, especially in locations where HVAC systems are not controlled by hospital pharmacy staff (e.g. HVAC not controlled on nights, weekends, etc).

Helmer Controlled Room Temperature Cabinets are designed for ambient medication storage in the pharmacy, patient care areas and/or inside cleanrooms within 68-77°F (20-25°C) as defined by USP. They are designed to maintain a set temperature, even when room temperature is as cold as 59 degrees or as high as 95 degrees. These cabinets help ensure sensitive and expensive medications and pharmaceuticals are maintained at manufacturer recommended temperatures, even when ambient room temperature is not controlled to help mitigate safety and regulatory risks.

Custom Products - iPR120-GX with Remote Access

Remote Access Control

Remote Access Control provides the opportunity to control integrated exterior door locks on Helmer equipment with your existing 3rd party device.

Limited solutions exist that allow a facility to use a third-party access system to manage access to temperature-controlled cold storage units. Helmer Scientific has developed a custom integration that allows third-party independent user validation (devices) to control the integrated door lock on a Helmer refrigerator (+4°) or freezer (-30° or -80°C), or on a Pro Line platelet incubator.

Using your current access system to securely access your Helmer product offers convenience and added security. It reduces foot traffic and noise in your work space, while still allowing for quick and easy access to cold storage. Integration can be implemented via a hard wire connection by cable to the access system.

Upright Medical Grade Pharmacy Refrigerator

HEPA Filtration System

HEPA Filtration Systems add filtration to internal refrigerator cabinets to support protection against contaminants and particulates from boxes, bags, or samples inside the unit. HEPA systems filter particles .3um or larger at 99.99% efficiency.

The Helmer Scientific HEPA filtration system is designed for installation on Helmer i.Series® and Horizon Series™ refrigerators. It installs on a standard drawer or shelf and is powered by the refrigerator to maintain constant operation. Separate power is not required for the HEPA filtration system.

The HEPA filtration system has been tested with Helmer refrigerators to ensure safety and temperature performance is maintained. HEPA systems are available through the Helmer Custom Products division and can be ordered with new units or added to existing units with a field-installation kit.

Additional Custom Products

Helmer Scientific provides integrated solutions for safeguarding medications, blood therapies, biologics and other temperature-sensitive products. Helmer serves healthcare, research and bio-pharmaceutical customers in more than 130 countries from its US headquarters, which also houses its R&D center and advanced FDA GMP design and manufacturing operations. Helmer Custom Products designs, develops and manufactures specialized temperature-controlled solutions to address custom workflow, lean operation and device integration needs.

Interested in Security and Integration, Storage and Configurations, or Cosmetics and Branding? Helmer Custom Products Division has worked with customers who have challenges that can’t be solved with standard products. Together we have developed solutions to meet those needs. Following are additional examples of customer projects that have been addressed through Helmer Custom Products.

Security and Integration Projects

Helmer Access Technology/Mechatronics

Integrates medical-grade temperature-controlled devices, software, and secure-access bin technology to enable interoperability with third-party systems and applications. Helmer Scientific’s innovation and expertise in cold storage and electronics allows for fully integrated refrigerated device integration to improve workflow efficiency, safety and security.

Pass-thru Refrigerators with Electronic Interlock Door Technology

Helmer Scientific developed pass-thru refrigerators with i.Lock™ technology. When doors on one side of these pass-thru refrigerators are opened, the doors on the other side are electronically locked. Electronic interlock functionality helps ensure refrigerated pass-thru doors on opposite sides of the cabinet are not opened simultaneously. This product is designed to help protect sensitive refrigerated product while allowing efficiency in clean room spaces. (Previous custom product, now offered as a standard Helmer Scientific product)

Storage and Configurations

Custom Internal Storage

Customized internal storage solutions are designed around your unique application. Examples include customized shelves, drawers, divider systems and hanging systems which are designed and manufactured to optimize inventory management and improve efficiency and safety.

Custom Equipment Carts and Stands

Helmer has designed mobile carts and equipment stands that are tested and validated to industry safety standards. The carts assist customers in meeting unique process and layout needs to better manage temperature-controlled equipment.

Cosmetics and Branding

Custom Paint and Logos

Helmer can color-match exterior finish of equipment to your specification. In addition, we can work with your facility to add company logos and branding to our equipment to create your desired work environment. Color and branding requests require approval from the Helmer Marketing Team.