Designed for Industrial Applications
Temperature-controlled Solutions that Support Compliance and Quality
Reliability & Quality
Store your reagents, samples & controls with the exceptional temperature-controlled environment you expect from Helmer Scientific.
Temperature Control
Superior temperature uniformity and quick recovery after door openings safeguard the integrity of your stored products.
Service & Support
To ensure TrueBlue™ performance, our service technicians are available to answer questions or help resolve any issue.
Products designed for 

Sensitive products may require more than just temperature-controlled storage; appropriate temperature monitoring, logging, and traceability can also be critical to maintaining quality.  Our specialized cold storage products, incubators, and Custom Products, enable new levels of security, data tracking, and integration for your application. Helmer Scientific solutions are designed to support your standard operating procedures, process control, and compliance.

Medical-grade storage of samples, reagents, laboratory media and other products.

Freezers with superior temperature uniformity and reliability for safe storage of samples and vaccines.

Medical-grade refrigerators designed for the secure storage of medications and vaccines.