Pro Line Countertop Platelet Incubator

Pro Line Platelet Incubators are designed to work together with Pro Line Platelet Agitators for the storage of critical, life-saving platelets. The small footprint of the PC100-Pro fits easily on any countertop. Powered by AdvanceCore™ technology, Pro Line platelet incubators offer innovations in performance, reliability, monitoring and efficiency for optimized platelet storage. Learn more about Pro Line Platelet Storage.

(1) PF 15-Pro
Agitator Compatibility
+20°C to +35°C
Temperature Range
i.Series® Pro
AABB Standards Compliant
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Platelet Incubator
Platelet Incubator
Platelet Incubator
Platelet Incubator
Platelet Incubator
Platelet Incubator
Platelet Incubator
Platelet Incubator

Designed to safely store critical, life-saving platelets with precise temperature control

  • AdvanceCore™ solid-state thermoelectric system results in a reliable, efficient and quiet system, heating and cooling only when needed, optimizing temperature performance
  • AdvanceCore™ technology transfers heat through water and is HFC-free, helping to meet new environmental standards to reduce the use of HFC refrigerants
  • Reduced energy consumption (80-90% more efficient than traditional technology)
  • Quiet operation (42.9 dB) creates fewer distractions and better working environment
  • i.C3® touchscreen user interface is password protected and provides advanced monitoring and information to ensure protection of stored product. Audible and visual alarms include power failure, high and low temperature, door ajar, and low battery
  • AgiTrak™ agitation monitoring system monitors the agitator housed within providing real-time speed and cycle count information, and minimum and maximum speed
  • Auto-Stop/Start pauses agitation when incubator door is opened and automatically resumes agitation when door is closed, ensuring continuous agitation of platelets
  • Dual-pane, tempered glass door helps maintain optimal storage conditions Includes a chart recorder with 7-day circular charts
  • Rel.i warranty includes 5 years heat pump, 2 years parts, 1 year labor

Integrated Electromagnetic Access Control - Pro

Access Control provides data capture of unit access and documents how and when access occurred (factory installed). Entry via PIN, up to 100 user IDs. Access Control log can be downloaded.

Integrated Full System Backup Battery

Runs the PC100-Pro, including monitoring/alarm and access control (if included). Includes 2 rechargeable 12V, lead acid batteries

Additional Accessories

Chart Paper - Incubator (4")

7-Day, inkless, pressure-sensitive circular chart paper. Pkg of 52

RA1 Remote Alarm

RA1 Remote Alarm, for field installation. Extend alarms for 1 device or zone to remote locations in your facilities.

RA4 Remote Alarm

RA4 Remote Alarm, for field installation. Extend alarms for up to 4 devices or zones  to remote locations in your facility.