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Vaccine Refrigerators

Safe and effective vaccine storage

What Makes a Vaccine Refrigerator Different?

Vaccine refrigerators, also referred to as “pharmaceutical-grade” or purpose-built units, are designed and manufactured specifically for the storage of temperature sensitive vaccines such as Influenza, rotavirus and MMRV. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has detailed recommendations around the selection and operation of vaccine refrigerators and freezers, including specific vaccine storage guidelines for VFC (Vaccines for Children) providers. These units can be compact, under-the-counter style or large upright units.

Helmer Scientific offers a full range of pharmacy refrigerators and freezers with superior temperature uniformity, recovery and stability. Local alarms, event logging and continuous temperature monitoring help the pharmacy meet CDC and VFC guidelines and regulations. Ensure that your temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, medications and vaccines are protected with professional, medical-grade refrigeration.


How to Enhance Your Vaccine Program

How a Physician's Network turned to the Vaccine for Children Program (VFC) to enhance their vaccine storage & handling.


Comparing Vaccine Refrigerators

A side-by-side comparison of the Helmer Scientific refrigerator & a competitive refrigerator using draft NSF standards.


Emerging Vaccine Storage Standards

The article outlines performance characteristics of vaccine refrigerators by the CDC and shares the NSF testing protocols included in the proposed standards.

CDC Vaccine Storage & Handling Guidelines

Healthcare facilities across the country are working hard to understand and implement the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and recommendations related to vaccine storage and handling. These guidelines apply to all facilities that handle vaccines. CDC encourages providers to move toward implementing these guidelines as soon as possible. Providers participating in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program must pay extra attention to these guidelines and should consult their state or local immunization program for specific recommendations and requirements.

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What's at Risk with Improper Vaccine Storage

The goal of the Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit is to protect patients & the public from preventable disease.

Storage at manufacture recommended temperatures is essential for maintaining vaccine efficacy. Loss of potency can result from exposure to excessive heat, cold, and/or light. Once potency is lost, it cannot be regained. Administering ineffective vaccine puts patient and public health at risk of preventable disease.

Understanding the CDC Vaccine Guidelines

The Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit outlines everything you need to know about appropriate storage.

The toolkit outlines CDC Recommendations which are the minimal actions required to protect your vaccine supply as well as CDC Best Practice which outlines additional actions, practices and procedures to enhance protection of your vaccine supply. CDC encourages providers to implement these guidelines as soon as possible.

Selecting Vaccine Storage Equipment

There are several types of vaccine storage units available. Purpose-built units are specifically designed to store vaccines. CDC recommends the use of purpose-built or pharmaceutical-grade units designed to either refrigerate or freeze. Vaccine units can be compact, under-the-counter style or large uprights. Purpose-built units, sometimes referred to as “pharmaceutical grade,” are designed specifically for storage of biologics, including vaccines. To fully ensure the safety of vaccines, equipment should include a recommended unit with enough space to accommodate your maximum inventory without crowding. Download our Best Practices Guide for Selecting Vaccine Refrigerators for tips to ensure all critical aspects needed to meet regulatory guidelines are considered.

Vaccine Refrigerator

Preparing to Receive Vaccines

Now is the time to ensure your practice is ready to receive, handle and administer increased doses of vaccine.

Proper vaccine storage and handling is essential for successful vaccination programs.

Make sure you have enough storage to receive initial shipments and add additional storage as needed. Be prepared to receive multiple shipments, and ensure that all individuals who will be storing or handling vaccines are thoroughly trained.

For your convenience, we have created a convenient checklist to guide your preparation.

Vaccine Refrigerators from Helmer Scientific

GX Solutions, professional medical-grade pharmacy and vaccine refrigerators take cold storage to new levels.

Focusing on temperature, noise, and energy management, GX Solutions are the first cold storage solutions to optimize all three areas and offer a professional, medical-grade solution.

GX Solutions are powered by OptiCool™ technology which pairs variable capacity compressor (VCC) technology and natural hydrocarbons (HC) to achieve performance characteristics that offer a superior vaccine storage environment.

Helping You Comply with CDC Guidelines

Safe and effective vaccine storage is an essential part of protecting the population from devastating disease. Providers are looking to the CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit for essential information on proper storage, handling, monitoring, and administration of vaccines.

The risks related to improper vaccine storage are too profound to ignore. At Helmer Scientific, we have been designing and manufacturing reliable, purpose-built refrigerators and freezers for over 15 years. For more information on choosing the right equipment to help meet CDC recommendations, please reach out to our experienced team by clicking the link below.

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