Pro Line Floor Model Platelet Storage from Helmer Scientific

Industry-leading performance and innovation in platelet storage

Life-saving platelet products are critical to patient care. Pro Line Floor Model Incubators and Agitators combine innovations in performance, reliability and efficiency to offer optimized platelet storage and support blood bank compliance. Floor model systems feature OptiCool™ RT cooling technology.


Performance & Reliability

Innovations in the Helmer Scientific Pro Line keep platelet supplies safe and ready to use with the reliability you expect from Helmer.

With a continuous operating temperature of 22°C and temperature uniformity of +/-1°C, the Pro Line offers a stable storage environment.

Chart - Temperature Uniformity

Monitoring & Control

Constant temperature monitoring and control, password protected settings, graphs, and enhanced reporting functionality from the i.Center® Plus keep products safe and support blood bank compliance.

iCenter Plus

Efficiency & Sustainability

Significantly lower energy use reduces operating costs while eliminating HFC refrigerants and supports sustainability initiatives.

A 75% decrease in energy utilization over traditional incubators reduces the total cost of ownership.

Chart - Compressor Speed

i.Center® Plus Information Center

Constant temperature and monitoring and control are required to safely store platelets and support blood bank compliance. The innovative i.Center® Plus Information Center provides next generation technology and support to offer an improved user experience while maintaining world-class temperature monitoring and control to safeguard the integrity of stored items.

Status data is readily available in one location making it easy to know the status of your device with a single glance. Intuitive messages and prompts make it easy to set parameters, track performance, and download storage data. Preventative maintenance tasks such as alarm testing and calibration have been simplified, and a wider variety of reports/logs with streamlined content and improved download process are now available on-demand.

AgiTrak™ Agitation Performance Monitoring

The AgiTrak™ Agitation Performance Monitoring System tracks and ensures proper agitator performance to optimize platelet storage.

AgiTrak™ is integrated with the i.Center® Plus Information Center and monitors agitation performance, alarm conditions and diagnostics to ensure continuous agitation of platelet products to support compliance with AABB standards. Live status monitoring offers real-time speed and cycle count information, speed data and more allowing the user to configure and maintain optimized platelet storage.


OptiCool™ RT Cooling Technology

Featuring a Variable Capacity Compressor (VCC) and Natural Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants with pulse heating

The OptiCool™ RT cooling system pairs a variable capacity compressor (VCC) and Natural Hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants with pulse heating to ensure optimal temperature uniformity, efficiently manage energy consumption and environmental conditions, and reduce noise output.

The OptiCool™ RT system uses intelligent sensors to monitor operations conditions. When the door of the incubator is opened, the VCC runs at a higher speed to deliver optimal temperature performance. When the temperature stabilizes the VCC runs at a lower speed, resulting in lower energy consumption. The heater pulses off/on to achieve the correct temperature range.

Pro Line Floor Model Platelet Incubators are 75% more energy efficient than conventional platelet incubators. This lowers the cost of running the unit and reduces the total cost of ownership. They also support sustainability initiatives and new environmental standards.


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