Pro Line Countertop Platelet Storage from Helmer Scientific

Industry-leading performance and innovation in platelet storage

Life-saving platelet products are critical to patient care. Pro Line Incubators and Agitators combine innovations in performance, reliability and efficiency to offer optimized platelet storage and support blood bank compliance.


Performance & Reliability

Innovations in the Helmer Scientific Pro Line keep platelet supplies safe and ready to use with the reliability you expect from Helmer.

With a continuous operating temperature of 22°C and temperature uniformity of +/-1°C, the Pro Line offers a stable storage environment.

Chart - Temperature Uniformity

Monitoring & Control

Constant temperature monitoring and control, password protected settings, reporting functionality and optimized agitation performance keep products safe and support blood bank compliance.

Chart - Temperature Uniformity

Efficiency & Sustainability

Significantly lower energy use reduces operating costs while eliminating HFC refrigerants and supports sustainability initiatives.

An 80-90% decrease in energy utilization over traditional incubators reduces the total cost of ownership

Chart - Temperature Uniformity

i.C3® Information Center

Providing constant temperature monitoring and control is critical for safe storage for platelets.

The i.C3® information center includes a System Status Console showing current operating conditions and an Information and Event Center that records historic temperature performance. The Data Transfer Center allows a user to export up to 10 years of temperature, event and access data via USB port as PDF reports and graphs. Optional integrated access control restricts access to the unit with a PIN controlled electromagnetic lock.

AgiTrak™ Agitation Performance Monitoring

The AgiTrak™ agitation performance monitoring system helps ensure optimized platelet storage.

AgiTrak™ is integrated with the i.C3® information center and monitors agitation performance, alarm conditions and diagnostics to ensure that platelets are continuously agitated to support compliance. Live status monitoring offers real-time speed and cycle count information, speed data and more allowing the user to maintain and optimize platelet storage.

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AdvanceCore™ Thermoelectric Technology

Solid-state thermoelectric heating and cooling system provides reliable operation for the secure storage of platelets

The AdvanceCore™ solid-state thermoelectric refrigeration system uses Peltier technology to transfer heat from inside the cabinet to the room. The Thermoelectric Module (TEM) contains Peltier devices, heat exchangers and heat pipes. Internal and external fans create airflow across the TEM to transfer excess heat out of the unit. The technological advantage of AdvanceCore™ technology is that it automatically heats and cools only as needed to achieve and maintain the optimal temperature for platelet storage.

Due to the AdvanceCore™ system only heating and cooling as needed, energy consumption is significantly reduced by 80-90% over traditional incubators, lowering the cost of running the unit and reducing the total cost of ownership.

The AdvanceCore™ thermoelectric cooling system supports sustainability initiatives and new environmental standards. The system transfers heat through water and is HFC-free, eliminating gases targeted under the Paris Climate Agreement, Montreal Protocol, EU F-Gas Initative and US EPA SNAP program.


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