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Connectivity with i.Series® Devices

Designed to improve staff efficiency, increase equipment uptime, and support regulatory compliance through integrations with third-party monitoring and automation software.

Helmer Scientific i.Series® equipment enables networking connectivity. Through direct data integration, Helmer Scientific devices can enable facility, clinical, and operational staff complete access to system information.* Device data can be integrated into existing monitoring platforms, including continuous monitoring systems and Building Automation Systems (BAS) that support the i.Series® Ethernet API or Modbus TCP Ethernet connectivity.

Learn more about the i.C3® Advanced Information Center on our i.Series® units.

Why integrate Helmer Scientific equipment with Monitoring or Automation Systems?

  • Access robust device data beyond just temperature or alarms. Helmer Ethernet connectivity makes additional data available, including door status and refrigeration system data, to support more efficient remote diagnostics and deployment of resources.
  • Eliminate additional third-party hardware and extra probes. Third-party monitoring systems commonly require unique temperature probes and simulators that require separate maintenance, calibration, and management. This extra hardware is not needed when using Helmer Ethernet connectivity.
  • Ensure consistency between temperature display and data used for monitoring and compliance programs. Temperature mismatches between monitoring systems and equipment displays are possible due to calibration or monitoring location inconsistencies. i.Series® Ethernet connectivity ensures data communicated to monitoring or automation software matches what is displayed to users on the cold storage equipment controller.

Connectivity can support improvements to cold storage fleet management:

  • Increased staff efficiency with complete system information helps ensure appropriate deployment of clinical and service resources.
  • Maximized equipment uptime through remote diagnostics can increase speed of troubleshooting and repairs, and can help diagnose potential issues prior to out-of-temperature alarms.
  • Support regulatory compliance by ensuring monitoring software includes temperature and alarm information sourced from the equipment’s monitoring probe and software.

Ethernet Connectivity Technical Information

Helmer Scientific Standard API

The Helmer Scientific Standard API exposes several interfaces to network clients as RESTful Web Service endpoints via Ethernet/RJ45 connections. This application programming interface allows users to query the device (Query / Response Service) or configure the device to push data to an external network endpoint (Broadcast Service).

Additional ethernet connectivity technical information is available in our one-pager.

Implementation Support

Helmer Scientific is ready to help support you! We have technical support resources available to help answer questions related to using i.Series® Ethernet connectivity with third-party software solutions, configuring i.Series® units to use Ethernet connectivity, or other questions from facility IT departments or other technical users.

*Please refer to your Helmer Scientific operators manual to determine if your i.Series® equipment includes Ethernet/RJ45 and enables connectivity.