TrueBlue™ Delivery Service and Set-up

Safely delivered. Expertly installed.

Ensuring proper delivery, installation, and initial operation of new cold storage equipment is critical. Managing this process appropriately helps ensure short and long-term performance of equipment, as well as getting new equipment running as quickly as possible.

To help facilities better manage new cold storage assets Helmer Scientific offers TrueBlue™ Delivery Services.

With TrueBlue™ Delivery and Set-up, a Helmer qualified service associate in your area will receive the equipment from Helmer and provide pre-inspection and pre-testing prior to delivering the unit to your facility. Once delivery has been scheduled, the unit will be delivered to the final destination within your facility. The equipment will be set-up for use and have operation verified. In addition, an overview of all basic user operations will be provided to end users to allow for fast and efficient implementation of your new equipment.