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SD Card Replacement Instructions

How-To Video

Servicing your Helmer product just got a little easier. Our qualified service technicians will guide you through some common maintenance procedures in our How-To video series providing detailed instruction for maintaining your unit.

The first video in our series focuses on replacing the SD card in Helmer i.Series® products. This video will walk you through the steps for installing a new SD card in an 11 cu ft refrigerator equipped with the access control option.

With a few minor alterations, this video instruction can also be used to replace the SD card on other Helmer i.Series® models.

Units without the touchscreen access control feature use a toggle switch to turn the backup battery off and on.

Undercounter units’ main power and backup battery switches are located below the front door.

The bezel on larger units is secured by screws located at the top of the bezel.

Making these simple adjustments to the instruction will allow you to use this video for replacing the SD card on any Helmer i.Series® unit.

Proper maintenance of your Helmer product is important and involves certain precautions. Critical points to observe when performing this task include:

  • Ensure both the main power and battery power switches are turned off while performing this procedure.
  • When calibrating the screen following the SD card installation, make sure to touch the points precisely and only once. If an error is made, the touchscreen will not respond properly when touched. This process can be repeated if necessary by following the supplemental instructions for recalibrating the touchscreen.
  • Following the SD card replacement, verify the temperature calibration to ensure the temperature stabilizes at the correct temperature.

The Helmer Technical Service team is available to help you. Contact us at or 800-743-5637.