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Réfrigérateurs de pharmacie
Réfrigérateurs de qualité médicale conçus pour le stockage sécurisé des médicaments et des vaccins.
Medical-Grade Pharmacy Refrigerator
Conçu pour vous
Conçu spécifiquement pour les médicaments, les vaccins et les produits pharmaceutiques.
Contrôle d'accès au réfrigérateur de qualité médicale
Qualité et fiabilité
Uniformité, récupération et stabilité supérieures de la température pour garder vos produits pharmaceutiques sûrs et efficaces.
Réfrigérateur de pharmacie - porte ouverte
Respecter les règlements
Aide à vous aider à respecter les normes et réglementations relatives au stockage réfrigéré des vaccins et des médicaments.
Entrepôt de médicaments pour réfrigérateur de pharmacie

Designed For You

Helmer Professional Medical-grade Pharmacy Refrigerators are designed with the unique needs of the pharmacy environment in mind and safely store vaccines, pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy and other products requiring safe cold storage. They are factory pre-set to 5°C for pharmacy applications and include fully extendable, ventilated pharmacy drawers and stationary pharmacy shelves which are easy to clean and adjustable for storage flexibility.

Helmer also offers a customs products team that supports special requests for custom solutions that are specific to a facility’s requirements.

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Quality and Reliability

Only professional medical-grade refrigerators deliver optimized control in three important areas: Temperature Management (uniformity, recovery and stability), Noise Management and Energy Management, providing an optimal storage environment, fewer noise distractions for patients and healthcare workers, increased energy efficiency, and ensuring that medications, vaccines and pharmaceuticals remain efficacious.

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OptiCool™ Refrigeration Technology

OptiCool™ technology pairs a variable capacity compressor (VCC) and natural hydrocarbons to optimize temperature performance and energy efficiency. The OptiCool™ System uses intelligent sensors to monitor operating conditions, running at higher or lower speeds as needed to deliver optimal temperature performance while using lower energy consumption.

The OptiCool™ system uses natural refrigerants that are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) and EU F-Gas compliant, environmentally friendly, have no impact on ozone depletion, and a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) grade.

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Meeting Regulations

GX Solutions Pharmacy Refrigerators can help you meet regulations and guidelines from the CDC on vaccine storage and handling, USP<797> and USP <800> for clean rooms, and USP<1079> on managing the cold chain from manufacturing to cold storage. They are ideal for the storage of medications, vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

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GX Solutions professional medical-grade refrigerators are designed with the unique needs of the healthcare environment in mind. Combined with the quality and reliability afforded by the OptiCool™ refrigeration technology, these refrigerators optimize temperature, noise and energy performance to safely store medications, vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

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