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Plasma Thawer
40 多年來,Helmer Scientific 一直提供高質量的血庫設備,支持您為確保血液供應安全所做的努力。
Helmer 產品經久耐用。 我們高質量的解決方案讓您免去冷藏和加工的後顧之憂。
為確保 TrueBlue™ 性能,我們的服務技術人員可以回答問題或幫助解決任何問題。

What It Is

Frozen plasma products must be safely thawed prior to transfusion. QuickThaw® Plasma Thawing Systems from Helmer use both controlled temperature and agitation to reduce thaw times while ensuring the safety of your frozen plasma products. The QuickThaw® is also convenient to operate, allowing you to load, program, and walk away.

Flexible, Convenient, and Safe

Each basket in the DH4 and DH8 operates independently, giving you the flexibility of starting batches of plasma at different times. In addition, the baskets automatically lift plasma bags out of the water when a cycle is complete, offering the convenience of walk-away time savings. For added safety, the baskets also lift out upon high alarm activation.


Frozen plasma products of varying sizes (whether flat or folded) may be thawed in any QuickThaw® model. With the use of the removable dividers in the DH8 model, oversized units may be thawed. Large size overwrap bags are available for thawing oversized units in the DH8.

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