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Клиническая лаборатория
Продукты для хранения с контролируемой температурой, обеспечивающие безопасное хранение образцов, реагентов и контролей
Надежность и качество
Храните свои реагенты, образцы и контроли в исключительной среде с регулируемой температурой, которую вы ожидаете от Helmer Scientific.
Контроль температуры
Превосходная однородность температуры и быстрое восстановление после открывания двери обеспечивают целостность хранимых продуктов.
Экологически чистый
Экологически чистая технология охлаждения снижает потребление энергии по сравнению с традиционным охлаждением медицинского назначения.
Products designed for 
Клинические лаборатории

<p>Для хранения с контролируемой температурой мы предлагаем выдающиеся продукты, которые помогают клиническим лабораториям обеспечивать высочайший уровень ухода за пациентами. Наши холодильники и морозильники предназначены для безопасного хранения критически важных образцов, реагентов, контролей и многого другого с действительно характеристиками медицинского уровня. Наши продукты также помогают клиническим лабораториям соответствовать требованиям аккредитационных агентств. Выберите из нашего широкого ассортимента холодильников и морозильников медицинского назначения, а также полную линейку центрифуг.</p>

Медицинское хранение образцов, реагентов, лабораторных сред и других продуктов.

Морозильники с превосходной однородностью температуры и надежностью для безопасного хранения образцов и вакцин.

Сверхнизкотемпературные морозильники, предназначенные для надежность и точный контроль температуры .

Полная линейка высококачественных клинических центрифуг Hettich для точного центрифугирования.

Products Designed For Clinical Laboratories

Clinical labs need to ensure that temperature-sensitive reagents and patient samples are stored properly to ensure accurate test results. Medical-grade cold storage designed to maintain strict temperature ranges helps safeguard the integrity of these materials. It also supports labs in their efforts to meet regulatory requirements and reduces the risk of financial loss due to temperature excursions. Choose from our wide range of medical-grade refrigerators and freezers, plus a full line of centrifuges.

Storage for Patient Samples, Reagents, and Controls

In the clinical laboratory, it’s important to safeguard sensitive specimens, reagents, controls, and media from temperature excursions. Refrigerators and freezers used to store materials in the lab should have tight temperature uniformity. This reduces the risk of exposure to improper storage conditions, in which case the lab must evaluate the potential impact on patient test results and retain records of the evaluation and actions taken. It also reduces the risk of having to discard products that have been exposed to temperatures that are out of range. GX Solutions refrigerators and freezers from Helmer Scientific deliver optimized temperature control for laboratory materials.

Regulatory Compliance

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) All Common Checklist provides guidance on how laboratory materials should be stored. All reagents and media, for example, should be stored and handled as defined by the laboratory and following the manufacturer's instructions. If the manufacturer specifies a required temperature range, the temperature must be monitored daily. The use of refrigerators and freezers designed for storing temperature-sensitive laboratory materials is important for safeguarding their integrity and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Quality and Reliability

All Helmer Scientific products are designed and built to ensure they last for the long term. During the design process, GX Solutions laboratory refrigerators and freezers underwent thorough Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) to ensure reliability. ALT identifies and addresses possible issues before equipment is released for general use. It exposes units to very high levels of stress to challenge the system and ensures the unit’s design can withstand the rigors of daily use through a 10-year life, limiting downtime and disruptions to workflow.

Supports Sustainability and Reduces Cost of Ownership

GX Solutions laboratory refrigerators and freezers utilize OptiCool™ technology. In addition to offering optimal temperature management, OptiCool™ efficiently manages energy consumption. These ENERGY STAR® certified units reduce energy use, resulting in lower utility bills and decreasing the total cost of ownership. GX Solutions refrigerators and freezers also reduce noise, creating a better working environment for laboratory staff. They utilize natural refrigerants that have no impact on ozone depletion and extremely low global warming potential (GWP), supporting organizational sustainability initiatives.

Custom Products

Helmer serves healthcare, research, and bio-pharmaceutical customers in more than 130 countries from our US headquarters, which also houses our R&D center and advanced FDA GMP design and manufacturing operations. Our Custom Products Division partners with end-users to understand their temperature-controlled application and develop a custom solution to meet that need. We have designed, developed, and manufactured specialized temperature-controlled solutions to address custom workflows, lean operation, and device integration among others.