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Quick Ship Vaccine Storage

Rising to the challenge to support COVID-19 vaccine cold storage

Quick Delivery

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, the demand for reliable pharmacy refrigerators and freezers does too. Be ready to store vaccines safely with our Quick Ship program.

Our Quick Ship programs offers facilities a selection of vaccine refrigerators and freezers that are available for immediate shipment. Product availability may vary week-to-week.

Choose from our stocked inventory:

iPR105-GX – Undercounter Pharmacy Refrigerator
5 cu ft | 115 V

iPR113-GX – Upright Pharmacy Refrigerator
13 cu ft | 115 V

iPR125-GX – Upright Pharmacy Refrigerator
25 cu ft | 115 V

iLF105-GX – Undercounter Laboratory Freezer
5 cu ft | 115 V

iLF125 – Upright Laboratory Freezer
25 cu ft | 115 V

Every Vaccine Dose Must Count

Helmer’s vaccine storage solutions can help you meet current CDC guidelines and prepare for future emerging standards, while also eliminating costly temperature excursions.

The Right Cold Storage Solution

Appropriate cold storage is vitally important. GX Solutions are powered by OptiCool™ technology which utilizes natural hydrocarbon refrigerants and a variable capacity compressor (VCC) to help your facility rise to the challenge with:

  • Superior temperature uniformity, recovery, and stability
  • Efficient energy management and reduced energy costs
  • Reduced noise which improves workplace productivity and comfort for patients
  • Use of an environmentally friendly refrigerant that supports environmental sustainability
  • Designed to meet CDC guidelines and emerging standards

The right cold storage solution helps your facility address vaccine demands and requirements. Helmer Scientific is prepared to support your facility with innovative refrigeration solutions, as we rise to these new vaccine challenges together.

Contact us today to learn more about our Quick Ship program.