Safe and secure cold storage for the pharmacy

A full range of pharmacy refrigerators and freezers with superior temperature uniformity, advanced alarms and monitoring, and integrated access control ensures that your pharmaceuticals, samples, medications and vaccines are protected.

Designed specifically for medication and vaccines storage, Helmer pharmacy refrigerators assist in meeting CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling guidelines. You can rest assured that your products are being stored at the optimal temperature at all all times.

Pharmaceutical grade refrigerators are available in undercounter, upright, and pass-thru models, while pharmacy freezers are available in undercounter and upright models. Safe and secure pharmacy refrigeration you can trust.

New GX solutions, the first professional medical-grade refrigerators for healthcare professionals are now available. Offering optimized temperature management, energy savings and noise reduction, these models result in the industry’s most optimized high-performance refrigerators.

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