Platelet Agitator - i.Series®


Dimensions (in):
13.5" x 12.5" x 9.25"

Dimensions (mm):
343mm x 318mm x 235mm

Maximum Storage Capacity:
15 Random Bags / 5-10 Apheresis Bags

Incubator Compatibility: PC100i or PC100h

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PF15i i.Series® Platelet Agitator


Platelet agitators provide continual side-to-side motion for the safe storage of platelets. Delrin® rollers and glides allow the drawer storage platform to agitate smoothly, eliminating the need for ball bearings which wear down and squeak. Sturdy, one-piece perforated drawers with non-slip textured coating provide uniform air circulation for your platelets.

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PF15i Platelet Agitator - Helmer Scientific
  • Change image PF15i Platelet Agitator - Helmer Scientific
  • Change image PF15i Platelet Agitator - Helmer Scientific
  • Change image PF15i Platelet Agitator - Helmer Scientific
  • Stores 15 random bags or 5 apheresis bags
  • Built-in motion alarm with adjustable volume and delay. An alarm sounds when the side-to-side motion is not detected. When placed in an i.Series incubator, the agitator can be monitored by the i.Center® with the Agitrak™ system.
  • Single fan for forced air cooling
  • Warranty includes 2 years parts and 1 year labor
  • Compatible with PC100i or PC100h platelet incubator


Base Material

Galvannealed Steel with Bacteria-Resistant Powder Coating

Dimensions (w x h x d)

15.25" x 12.5" x 9.25"

387mm x 318mm x 235mm

Maximum Storage Capacity

15 Random Bags

5 Apheresis Bags


5 Stationary / Galvannealed Steel - perforated and powder coated

Incubator Compatibility

PC100i / PC100h

Motion Alarm



100V 50/60Hz 0.4 FLA

115V 50/60Hz 0.4 FLA

230V 50/60Hz 0.25 FLA

Net Weight

26.5 lb / 12 kg

Certified to applicable UL and CSA standards by a NRTL

 CE Certification - Helmer Scientific

options & accessories

Options & Accessories

Equipment Validation Guide (IQ/OQ Documentation)

The Equipment Validation Guide for Platelet Agitators provides documentation for Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ), as well as an outline of suggested topics for performance qualification (PQ). The Guide is provided via CD. (Note that performance of the equipment validation is the responsibility of the end-user facility or their designee).

Remote Alarms
  RA1 & RA4 Remote Alarms

Helmer alarms extend your existing system to remote locations in your facility.
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