Platelet Incubator - i.Series®


Exterior Dimensions (in):
26" x 30.25" x 25.25"

Exterior Dimensions (mm):
661mm x 769mm x 642mm

Agitator Compatibility: PF48i

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i.Series® Platelet Incubator - PC900i

The PC900i is designed to store platelet products within the required temperature range of 20ºC to 24ºC. The i.Center® Integrated Monitoring System provides continuous monitoring of platelet incubator function. This countertop model is designed to house the PF48i platelet agitator. Use of the two units together provides a platelet incubator with agitator (a complete platelet storage system). The PC900i includes a chart recorder.

Learn more about best practices when selecting a platelet incubator.

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  • i.Center® Integrated Monitoring System with:
    • Advanced monitoring of temperature, door openings and agitator motion
    • LCD temperature graph with 24 continuous hours of data
    • Automatic alarm testing at the touch of a button
    • Adjustable alarm volume and tone
    • Event log
  • Auto-Stop/Start pauses agitation when incubator door is opened and automatically resumes when door is closed
  • Forced-air circulation
  • Retractable glass door for efficient use of space
  • Bacteria-resistant powder coating
  • Electric condensate evaporator
  • Key lock
  • Rel.i™ Warranty includes 5 years compressor, 2 years parts, and 1 year labor
  • Compatible with PF48i platelet agitator



Single-Pane Tempered Glass

Interior Material

Galvannealed Steel with Bacteria-Resistant Powder Coating

Interior Dimensions (w x h x d)

22.25" x 15.75" x 17.75"

566mm x 401mm x 451mm

Exterior Dimensions (w x h x d)

26" x 30.25" x 25.25"

661mm x 768mm x 642mm

Agitator Compatibility



1.3 HP Air-Cooled, R134A Non-CFC (100V and 115V)

0.5 HP Air-Cooled, R134A Non-CFC (230V)


100V 50/60Hz 8 FLA

115V 50/60Hz 8 FLA

230V 50/60Hz 4.5 FLA

Net Weight

159 lb / 72 kg

Allow a minimum of 4" (102mm) across top and back of all countertop incubators for ventilation.

*FLA specification includes load of maximum number of Helmer agitator(s) operating inside the chamber.

Certified to applicable UL and CSA standards by a NRTL

CE 0086 Certification Logo

options & accessories

Options & Accessories

Equipment Validation Guide (IQ/OQ Documentation)

The Equipment Validation Guide for Platelet Incubators provides documentation for Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ), as well as an outline of suggested topics for performance qualification (PQ). The Guide is provided via CD. (Note that performance of the equipment validation is the responsibility of the end-user facility or their designee).

Chart Recorder Paper Purchase

4" diameter, 0º to +35ºC, package of 52

Chart Recorder Deduction

Incubator may be ordered without chart recorder.

Remote Alarms 

Helmer alarms extend your existing system to remote locations in your facility.

RA1 Purchase

RA4 Purchase



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