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i.Series® Undercounter Blood Bank Refrigerator

GX Solutions and the i.C3® Information Center set i.Series® models apart by providing a professional medical-grade refrigerator with advanced monitoring and control. GX Solutions are designed for the unique needs of critical healthcare applications such as the storage of plasma and blood components. Professional medical-grade refrigerators deliver optimized control in three important areas: temperature, noise and energy management. Powered by OptiCool™ technology, GX Solutions provide improved performance and user experience through energy efficiency, low noise levels, and stable storage environments to safeguard your valuable blood products. The powerful i.C3® Information Center is exclusive to i.Series® models and provides constant temperature monitoring, multiple information logs, and security features. The GX solutions are the first professional medical-grade refrigerator for blood banks and blood centers.

5.3 Cu Ft (150 L)
Temperature Set Point
2 Drawers
Energy Star
AABB Standards Compliant
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Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator

Designed to safely store blood and blood components within an exceptional temperature-controlled environment.

  • OptiCool™ technology pairs a variable capacity compressor (VCC) and natural hydrocarbon refrigerants to ensure optimal temperature uniformity, recovery and stability, efficiently manage energy consumption and meet evolving environmental regulations
  • Optimized temperature uniformity, recovery and stability create best environment for blood storage
  • Reduced energy consumption (50-65% more efficient than traditional technology)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy) compliant refrigerants
  • Quiet operation (42 dB) creates fewer distractions and better working environment
  • i.C3® touchscreen user interface is password protected and provides advanced monitoring and information 
  • to ensure protection of stored product
  • Cabinet built with high-quality construction meets or exceeds performance standards required by the medical and scientific industries
  • Solid door and chart recorder standard
  • Adjustable, liquid-tight drawers for containment of spills
  • Rear access port
  • Fits under standard 34” high ADA-compliant countertop
  • Energy Star® certified
  • Rel.i™ Plus warranty includes 7 years compressor, 2 years parts, and 1 year labor
Additional Accessories

Stacking Kit for Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers. Includes hardware and brackets needed to stack 2 undercounter units.

Carts and pedestals offer greater versatility for your refrigerator or freezer. Medical carts and pedestals are for use in hospitals, clinics, private health practices, pharmacies, and more.

Floor and Wall Bracket Kit is designed to secure your undercounter refrigerator or freezer to the building floor and/or wall. Not seismic-rated.

Replacement kit includes Probe Bottle and Glycerin. Field Installation, for refrigerators.

RA1 Remote Alarm, for field installation. Extend alarms for 1 device or zone to remote locations in your facilities.

RA4 Remote Alarm, for field installation. Extend alarms for up to 4 devices or zones  to remote locations in your facility.