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i.Series® Platelet Agitator

Platelet agitators provide continual side-to-side motion for the safe storage of platelets in accordance with AABB guidelines. The PF96i offers uniform air circulation for your platelets and excellent temperature uniformity. Built-in motion alarm detects lack of motion, alerting user. Delrin® rollers and glides allow the drawer storage platform to agitate smoothly. The i.Center® Agi-Trak™ system constantly monitors the function of the agitator when placed in a platelet incubator, safeguarding the products by providing critical information on the agitator performance. Not sure what agitator or incubator you need? Check out our Best Practices Guide for Selecting Platelet Storage Equipment.

96 WBD | 32 Apheresis
PC1200i, PC2200i, PC3200i
Incubator Compatibility
Helmer products are built to spec when you order ensuring a perfect fit for your facility. Contact us to get started.
Platelet Agitator
Platelet Agitator
  • Built-in motion alarm with adjustable volume and delay. An alarm sounds when the side-to-side motion is not detected. When placed in an i.Series® incubator, the agitator can be monitored by the i.Center® with the Agitrak™ system.
  • Single fan for forced air cooling.
  • Pull-out drawers for easy access to platelets
  • Drawers are removable to create additional space
  • Label holders provided for each agitator drawer. They accommodate magnetic or adhesive labels.
  • Warranty includes 2 years parts and 1 year labor
  • Compatible only with PC1200i / PC1200h, PC2200i / PC2200h, or PC3200i / PC3200h platelet incubators
Additional Accessories

RA1 Remote Alarm, for field installation. Extend alarms for 1 device or zone to remote locations in your facilities.

RA4 Remote Alarm, for field installation. Extend alarms for up to 4 devices or zones  to remote locations in your facility.

Label holders for platelet drawers, field installation. For use on agitators and PC4200 incubators.

Left and right side guards designed to ensure platelets, tubing or satellite bags do not interfere with side rails of agitator drawer. Use multiple kits to partition sections of the shelf.

This kit includes left and right side guards and front and back guards to create a guard frame around the entire shelf.