Helmer Scientific

ENERGY STAR® Certified i.Series® and Horizon Series Refrigerators.

Helmer Scientific laboratory-grade blood bank, laboratory, and pharmacy refrigerators have been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as meeting new ENERGY STAR® standards. The EPA recently finalized the first ENERGY STAR® specifications for laboratory refrigerators to help facilities identify products that can reduce energy utilization and life-time costs related to this critical category of equipment. This new ENERGY STAR® standard identifies the most efficient laboratory refrigerators that are commonly used across hospitals, clinics, and research institutions to store life-saving blood products, reagents, patient samples, and medications/vaccines.

Energy Star

Certified energy-efficient refrigerators from Helmer help reduce the environmental footprint of your facility. Laboratory-grade pharmacy, laboratory and blood bank models meet the ENERGY STAR® specification for energy-efficient laboratory equipment.