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Understanding the Difference Between Medical-Grade and Household Refrigeration


At Helmer Scientific we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing reliable, medical grade refrigeration. In this video we talk about how your typical general purpose refrigerator differs from medical-grade refrigeration. Some of the differences include the refrigeration system, uniformity and temperature recovery time. General purpose refrigerators are often unable to meet temperature uniformity standards; leaving some areas of the units unsafe for storage. Medical grade units are designed with forced air refrigeration which thoroughly circulates the air inside of the unit creating a completely uniform environment; this ensures that every location, whether it is the top shelf or the bottom shelf is safe for storage. Moreover, general purpose refrigerators struggle to maintain temperature as staff is in and out of the unit throughout the day. Medical grade refrigerators are designed to quickly recover after door openings; keeping the temperature in range and the products safe. Another difference between general purpose and medical grade are built-in features such as alarms and monitoring that assist in daily operations and compliance. General purpose refrigerators may be putting your products at risk. Deliver the highest standard of patient care with an investment in medical grade refrigeration.