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Interlock Pass-Thru Refrigerators


The Interlock Pass-thru refrigerator is designed for use in the central pharmacy including areas built for USP compliance. The i.Lock™ technology allows doors on one side of the pass-through cabinet to electronically lock when doors on the opposite side are opened. This prohibits doors on both sides of the refrigerator from being opened simultaneously, thus supporting good clean room practices and increasing productivity, while protecting sensitive refrigerated product.

  • i.Lock™ Interlock design is available on i.Series® iPR225 (single door) and iPR456 (double door) pass-thru refrigerators.
  • All standard storage configurations will apply.
  • Electronic Mag Lock Override - Interlock Pass-thrus will use existing key-based override to disable electronic mag locks should emergency access be required.
  • Backup battery included on all pass-thru units will function as backup for the electronic locks.