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How to Properly Clean your Helmer Scientific Refrigerator

Step-by-step guideline of how to clean the components of your Helmer refrigerator

Before performing any type of maintenance on your Helmer Scientific refrigerators, be sure to protect items in the unit from extended exposure to adverse temperatures. This guide walks you through how to clean the cabinet interior and exterior, the evaporator tray, the electrical components, the condenser grill, the door gasket, the probe bottles, and the touch screen.

Cabinet Exterior

Clean glass surfaces with soft cotton cloth and glass cleaner or with non-shedding wipes and/or one of the Helmer Scientific approved cleaning solutions. Clean exterior surfaces with soft cotton cloth and non-abrasive liquid cleaner or with non-shedding wipes and/or one of the Helmer Scientific approved cleaning solutions.

CAUTION: The condensate evaporator and water evaporation tray are hot.

Important Things to Note:

  • If cleaning the evaporator tray/heater; power the refrigerator off and allow the heater to cool before cleaning
  • If cleaning around electrical components or wiring power the unit off first and do not spray with liquid or pull on wiring.

Cabinet Interior

Clean antimicrobial powder coated surfaces with mild detergent or solution as listed in the Tested Cleaning Solution table at the end of this document. Clean stainless-steel surfaces with a general-purpose laboratory cleaner suitable for stainless steel and/or one of the Helmer Scientific approved cleaning solutions.

Condensor Grill

If the refrigerator is in an environment where it is exposed to excessive lint or dust, the condenser grill may require cleaning more frequently than stated in preventive maintenance schedule. Clean the condenser grill using a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner.

CAUTION: Disconnect refrigerator from AC power when cleaning.

Door Gasket

Clean with soft cloth and mild soap and water solution.

Probe Bottles

Clean and refill probe bottles regularly and as necessary.

  1. Remove all probes from bottle.
  2. Remove bottle from bracket and empty any remaining solution.
  3. Clean bottle with a 1:9 ratio of bleach to water solution or a company approved equivalent oxidizing cleaner/disinfectant.
  4. Refill bottle with 4 oz. (120 mL) of product simulation solution (10:1 ratio of water to glycerin).
  5. Cap bottle tightly to minimize evaporation.
  6. Place bottle in bracket.
  7. Replace probes, immersing at least 2” (50 mm).

i.C3® Touchscreen

Clean touchscreen with a soft, dry cotton cloth.

Routine cleaning is essential in every healthcare settings. Be sure to carefully follow this guide when cleaning your Helmer Scientific refrigerators for your safety and the safety of the products stored. If you have any additional questions around the cleanability or cleaning processes for your Helmer equipment, please contact Technical Service.