Rotina 420/420R

2L Centrifuge


Exterior Dimensions (in):
20" x 16.75" x 25.75" (420)
28.25" x 16.75" x 25.75" (420R)

Exterior Dimensions (mm):
506mm x 423mm x 654mm (420)
713mm x 423mm x 654mm (420R)

Volume: 2.4 L

Max RPM / RCF: 15,000 RPM / 24,400 RCF

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Rotina 420 & 420R 2L Centrifuge


The Rotina 420 is a compact benchtop centrifuge that has been developed for high sample throughput. This high performance centrifuge is cost-effective for facilities with high capacity needs. The Rotina 420 has an advanced control panel that significantly facilitates the daily laboratory routine. It is programmable in RPM, RCF, hours, minutes, seconds, acceleration, and braking levels. Refrigerated and non-refrigerated models available.


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  • Touchpad with control knob and digital display, stores up to 99 programs (Rotina 420) / 98 (Rotina 420R) programs
  • Programmable RPM in increments of 10 and RCF in increments of 1
  • Programmable time up to 99 hr:59 min:59 sec, and manual hold for quick spins
  • Programmable ramp-up/down levels from 1-9, plus unbraked ramp-down
  • Quiet, maintenance-free, variable speed brushless drive motor
  • Lid lock and hold, imbalance and overheat shut-off, and automatic rotor recognition
  • Programmable from -20ºC to +40ºC in 1ºC increments, plus chamber pre-cool function (420R only)
  • Warranty: 5 years power train, 2 years parts and labor at Helmer
  • Clinical Centrifuge Package Available: HighSpin™, HighSpin™-R
  • Available in US and Canada only



2.4 L


15,000 RPM / 24,400 RCF

Run Time Programmable

Hours (1-99), minutes (1-59), and seconds (1-59)


115V 50-60Hz (420)

115V 60Hz (420R)

Dimensions (w x h x d)

20" x 16.75" x 25.75" (420)

506mm x 423mm x 650mm

28.25" x 16.75" x 25.75" (420R)

713mm x 423mm x 654mm

Net Weight

185 lb / 84 kg (420)

258 lbs / 117 kg (420R)

Certified to applicable UL and CSA standards by a NRTL


options & accessories

Contact Helmer Scientific for product information on rotors and accessories available for the Rotina 420 and Rotina 420R centrifuges.


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