Rotanta 460/460R

3L Centrifuge


Exterior Dimensions (in):
22" x 18" x 28" (460)
30.5" x 18" x 28" (460R)

Exterior Dimensions (mm):
554mm x 456mm x 706mm (460)
770mm x 456mm x 706mm (460R)

Volume: 3 L

Max RPM / RCF: 15,000 RPM / 24,400 RCF

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Rotanta 460 & 460R 3L Centrifuge


Enhanced performance and an extended range of accessories guarantee fast, trouble-free operation in daily laboratory use. This large capacity benchtop centrifuge can be used for all standard tubes and microplates. The Rotanta 460 has a maximum capacity of 3 liters per run and is programmable in RPM, RCF, hours, minutes, seconds, and braking levels. Refrigerated and non-refrigerated models available.


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  • Programmable RPM in increments of 10
  • Programmable RCF in increments of 1
  • Programmable time up to 99 hrs:59 min:59 sec, and manual hold for quick spins
  • Touchpad with control knob and digital display, stores up to 99 (Rotanta 460) / 98 (Rotanta 460R) programs
  • Cumulative RCF sampling
  • Programmable ramp-up/down levels from 1-9, plus unbraked ramp-down
  • Additional ramp-down levels for blood bags, and brake force cut-off
  • Quiet, maintenance-free, variable speed brushless drive motor
  • Lid lock and hold, imbalance and overheat shut-off, and automatic rotor recognition
  • Programmable from -20ºC to +40ºC in 1ºC increments (460R only)
  • Warranty: 5 years power train and 2 years parts and labor at Helmer
  • Clinical Centrifuge Package Available: MaxSpin®, MaxSpin®-R, and HemaSpin®-PLUS
  • Available in US and Canada only



3 L


15,000 RPM / 24,400 RCF

Run Time Programmable

Hours (1-99), minutes (1-59), and seconds (1-59)


120V 50-60Hz (460)

120V 60Hz (460R)

Dimensions (w x h x d)

22" x 18" x 28" (460)

554mm x 456mm x 715mm

30.5" x 18" x 28" (460R)

770mm x 456mm x 715mm

Net Weight

227 lb / 103 kg (460)

315 lbs / 143 kg (460R)

Certified to applicable UL and CSA standards by a NRTL


options & accessories

Contact Helmer Scientific for product information on rotors and accessories available for the Rotanta 460 and Rotanta 460R centrifuges.


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